Bundeskartellamt (Federal Cartel Office)
Activity Report 1999/2000 (in English- short version)
Biennial Activity Report 2001/2002 (in German)
Biennial Activity Report 1999/2000 (in German)
Biennial Activity Report 1997/98 (in German)
Biennial Activity Report 1995/96 (in German)
Information leaflet on merger control
Information leaflet on domestic effect
Guidelines of the Bundeskartellamt relating to the setting
   of fines

Principles of interpretation of market dominance in merger    control
Summary of the Bundeskartellamt's comments on the Green    Paper presented by the Commission on the review of the    Merger Regulation
Proceedings of the 10 th International Conference on    Competition in Berlin in 2001 (Report of the Federal
   Cartel Office)

Bundeskartellamt Press Releases (in English)

Hauptgutachten (General Biennial Reports) (in German)
Sondergutachten (Special Reports) (in German)